Longevity Fix Premium Level

What you get:

✓ You complete an detailed health history questionnaire.
✓ We set up a one-hour consultation to poinpoint current and future health needs, and you get along with a personalized plan of action.
✓ Individualized diet, health, and nutrition protocol—your roadmap to optimal health.
✓ Physician-grade nutritional supplements, for your specific health needs, at 25% off.
✓ Monthly one-on-one coaching.
✓ Healthy, delicious, fat-burning, meal plans and recipes.

What People Are Saying:

Of course, I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to gain hormone balance, lose weight and get a handle on their health. I’ve honestly never felt better! This program encourages people to find out more about themselves and offers tools to help them feel their best.

Kristin S.

This program has helped my physical/dietary health so I can move on to focusing more on my mental health and making the changes I need to make to be the whole and complete person I want to be.


I just have to say thank you so much for what you do! I’m feeling so much better knowing that I can explain my anxiety/depression symptoms and that they have a definite preventable cause. You are such a huge help!


Several people have commented on my weight loss. I have to credit this to the help I have gotten from you…When I think of the black hole I was in when I meet you, and compare that to where I am right now, it is incredible! It has all been a massive change and enabled me improve my marriage, lose 35 lbs. stop medications, and feel better in multiple ways. Makes me tear up a little.